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 Gérard SUEUR


Born in 1955, Mr. Sueur has worked as a physiotherapist since 1977 and as an osteopath since 1984. A teacher and international lecturer, he is the author of "Osteopathy" (Le Livre de Poche edition, translated into Spanish). He holds a master degree in engineering of training and a master 2 degree in strategy and engineering in adult training being validated. His thesis is entitled "The role of soft skills in the engineering of training".


In charge of courses at the Université François Rabelais in Tours (France) and a specialist in pedagogy based on experience, in personal development and in a systemic approach to human factors, he intervenes in therapeutic curricula for both institutions and businesses.

In 1990 he created 'self reconciliation' training with his wife, aimed at helping people undergoing an identity (mainly mid life) crisis, in the framework of ongoing professional training. In 25 years, more than 4500 people have taken this training, 5% from abroad. Their training structure, FORMAREP, focuses on management of complex systems, a systemic approach to human factors, and development of generic skills. All training activities take place in French.

To ensure that he remain in sync with his relational practices, he continue to personally advance in the field of human potential. He belong to a number of supervisory groups. 

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