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 Personal development
 Professional training
Human factors answer to laws and logic that are more open to actual experience than to hard knowledge.  Thus emphasis is not on elaborating relational strategies that participants can master, but on developing judgment, generic skills and empathy.

Rather than learning in theory how to modify one's behavior, the emphasis is on relational intelligence based on feelings and emotions that can be considered sound once they have been purged of attitudes formed by overly emotional memories from the past.

Training activities are based on learning-through-experience, which helps participants work on getting rid of ineffective, dysfunctional or obsolete attitudes, rather than eliminating from their environment anything that bothers them, such as work, spouse, various constraints...

 By opening up their perception, participants can decrease their resistance to change, modify their behavior, and develop relational intelligence conducive to adoption of a partnership mode in their dealings with others. Both professional and private life will greatly benefit from this process.
Behavior is simply what we actually do.  If we can make progress on how we act day in and day out, we will be able to change our behavior so that it becomes better adapted to our individual environment.
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