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 Personal development
 Professional training
The pedagogy based on experience used in these training activities is of a semi-directive nature.  It is based on actual experience and what participants feel about what they have experienced, and it is why the pedagogy is said to be based on experience. It calls on interaction among participants as well as with trainers, and this is why is it called semi-directive.

This pedagogy has the advantage of increasing the involvement, participation and motivation of trainees, helping him or her to better assimilate knowledge that has been acquired, taking it to the level of knowledge based on experience.  Such knowledge based on experience via a semi-directive approach fully meets the cognitive requirements of training in human relations for adults.  Indeed, it is only when you get on a bike that you learn to ride it and not by reading a theoretical manual.  It is the neuro-sensorial integration of practicing how to ride a bike that leads to mastering that skill. In the field of personal development, associating neuro-sensorial experiences with human factors is one of the things that animation must provide. With such guidance, participants can change their attitude and enhance their understanding. This in turn will reduce stress, preconceptions, behavioral problems, projections, issues with authority, and feelings of encroachment and lack of legitimacy. 
 An ethical framework for such training (in which participants are invited to express how they feel) is essential.  This is why training activities take place in a neutral environment, with internal rules specified in a contract signed by both participants and trainers. There is no pressure of any sort, be it political, religious, philosophic or sectarian.

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