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Towards a more mindful relationship with our children
Parents play an essential role in society.  Unfortunately, society does not generally provide them with the skills they need to do a good job, making available neither theoretical nor practical experience nor a diploma of any sort.  Our only skills are those we have acquired through experience, with the model our parents used and the kind of cross-generation loyalty that is for the most part automatic.  Whether we bring up our children as our parents brought us up or the complete opposite, we still refer to the model of our youth.  So where is free will in this area? Is there any deep-seated, shared thinking in how we act as parents? Is our parenting model in line with our values?  Are we helping our children to be autonomous and responsible members of the society in which we live?

The seminar that we propose is not intended to simply hand over information and certainly not to provide a model for bringing up children. To replace alienation in this area with blind faith in how to proceed is not the goal of a personal effort on the part of participants. We seek instead to analyze parental practices in a group setting that uses a cooperative approach to producing knowledge.
 Preceded by efforts to make progress on dysfunctional behavior, this approach greatly facilitates awareness building about pro-active listening, authority and responsibility as they relate to parenting.  This is key in helping one's children to become involved citizens. 

The aim of the seminar is to help participants make the fewest possible errors in bringing up their children as well as with the children and adolescents with whom they are involved professionally.


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