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 Personal development
 Professional training
Self reconciliation
Become a person who reflects on his or her relational practices

There comes a time when we become aware that how we see the world no longer corresponds to reality.  The ensuing lack of well-being (which can express itself as physical manifestations such as symptoms or illness or as psychological manifestations at the behavioral or relational level) is often no more than the expression of unresolved problems or an unrecognized identity (mid-life) crisis.

 The ultimate goal is to be recognized for what we are and not just for what we do.

The goal of this training is to improve communication and relationships with others by better understanding human behavior and better management of one's own inhibitions or reactive states.  This will improve in both quality and relational diversity our professional, social and family life.
Adverse events in our lives (at the professional or personal level) as well as psycho-social problems at work are often the triggers for such identity crises.



It is important to understand intellectually where our lack of well-being comes from, but that is not enough to free us from such a situation.  It is in being helped in an ethical manner through psycho-corporal efforts in the framework of a group dynamic that our resistance to change is most easily overcome.  Becoming aware of emotional intelligence will help an identity risk to become a positive factor in changing how we act, the only way to remain true in our relationship with others.

Making sense of what we feel, increasing our understanding, acquiring generic skills, calming fears and projections, developing empathy and assertiveness are some of the advantages to be gained through this training. 

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