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 Personal development
 Professional training
We often see that the minor factors that can impede the smooth running of a business or institution are due not to lack of knowledge or know-how but rather to difficult relations between individuals and departments. 

Our in-house work at a business or institution consists of assessing the overall environment and relational practices, to detect both positive and dysfunctional aspects, the strengths and weaknesses of the business or institution, how the manager functions, untapped resources, organizational dynamics…

Such intervention can help identify latent problems that are not yet evident.  If we are able to foresee problems and take early action to correct them, future conflicts can often be avoided. 
 We will recommend modification of relational and/or organizational practices, so as to develop an enabling environment for implementation of change and enhanced communication within the various teams.

Application of these practices will improve productivity within the business or institution along with individual creativity and the overall status of relationships.  Employees will feel more appreciated and taken into account.  Managerial ethics is a major vector for the success of such practices.

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