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 Personal development
 Professional training
In-house training
After an on-the-spot appraisal of the needs of a business or institution in its own context, targeted training activities will be proposed in the fields of human resource management, management of complex systems, and human potential development.  Such training can be held in situ or outside the office.  If there are a large number of participants, we can call on a highly skilled team of trainers with whom we often work. 

Our training activities use an approach based on experience, which requires major involvement and enhanced motivation on the part of participants if they are to make the most of these learning opportunities. 

The main training themes that we offer are as follows.
- Development of behavioral and relational abilities, how to develop and mobilize untapped resources, relational soft skills as generic skills
- Communication and its hidden dysfunctions
- Accompanying change and enhancing group cohesion
- Training in reflexive analysis of relational practices at the workplace
- A systemic approach to human factors at the workplace, partnership, management of human factors within a relationship of authority
- Identity crises at work: how to recognize them and how to handle them
- Prevention and management of conflicts, mediation
- Strategy and engineering of training, pedagogy based on experience… 

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