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 Personal development
 Professional training
Training in partnership-based management
of communication and human relations at work
This training seeks to build the awareness of professionals from various walks of life with responsibilities as a director, supervisor or trainer with reference to a systemic approach to management of human factors as it applies to businesses or institutions.

Human sciences follow laws and logic that are more open to actual experience than to hard knowledge. This is why it is less a question of mastering managerial strategies and more of developing the kind of perspicacity and soft skills that are needed to become someone who can think about his or her relational practices in a reflexive manner.

This training activity is also intended to be a space for reflection and work on various forms of authority, how to use them, how to communicate with others, and about the transfers and counter-transfers that this kind of relationship generates...  

During this training, relational referentials, simple related ways of acting, along with experimental work related thereto will be developed.  

The acquisition of such know-how will help develop the key skills necessary for them to work.  Use of a more people-centered partnership-based dynamic will lead to higher productivity within the business or institution.


If you are interested, ask us for a registration form.

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