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Training in systemic learning
about a care-giving/cared-for relationship
The quality of the human dimension in a care-giving/cared-for relationship can be the sole factor in the success or failure of treatment, no matter how sound it is technically. A patient's homeostatic response to physical, medicinal or psycho-therapeutic treatment depends not only on him or her, but also on the dynamics of the relationship created at the time of the consultation. The practitioner's professional skills (knowledge and know-how) will be all the more effective if they are accompanied by generic skills such as soft skills.

Becoming aware of this reality is one of the objectives of this training.  To this end,  the practitioner needs to adopt a systemic approach to various behavioral strategies, which will boost understanding of each other in certain relational situations, help minimize mistakes in relating to a patient, and be less destabilizing when the latter spontaneously expresses an emotion, an affect (the mood that someone appears to have), distress or transfer during treatment. It is also important that the practitioner realizes that the personal history of each of the players in care-giving/cared-for relationship is at the origin of both positive and negatives relational preconceptions.


Such training will help the practitioner fulfill his coaching function more conscientiously and with greater empathy, by helping him or her break out of any possible emotional immaturity, helping to assimilate human relations and sympathy..


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